About Us

Your Lead Instructor Lonnie Benn

We specialize in welding instruction and training.

Our history…

Anvil Welding Instruction has its roots going back to 1960 when Waldo Benn founded Welding Apparatus Repair Inc. in a two car garage. As an oxy-acetylene regulator and torch repair business, Welding Apparatus Repair Inc was a primary repair center throughout the Northwest.  By the time 1978 came around, a full line of welding supplies, equipment, and gases were added and we became known as Anvil Welding Supply.  After selling the welding supply business in 1996, maintenance welding alloys and welding inspection were our primary focus.  It is from welding inspection and the current state of economy in America that the idea of a welding school developed.

Our passion…

We have a passion for welding instruction and training.  Young adults don’t always fit the mold for plugging into higher education.  The high school drop out rate has been as high as 28% for Spokane, WA, and welding is a skill that can be utilized for gainful employment. Once learned, an individual can build their skill set to further their career and advancement in the welding industry.  As with any skill, there are positions available from apprentice to journeyman welders.  Currently, welders make an average of $48,160 a year in Washington state, and pipe welders can average over a $100,000 a year in Alaska.

Our mission…

Our mission is to introduce you to the world of welding.  Whether you’re beginning in a garage, working on a farm, or looking for a career – our goal is to provide professional training and assistance to enhance and increase your skill level(s).  Anyone can weld, and whether it’s for pleasure or a career, we want to encourage you to explore all that this industry has to offer.

Would you like to learn more about welding? This Careers in Welding website has lots of interesting and helpful information.