Home & Hobby Classes

Our Home and Hobby classes are perfect for someoneAuto Body welding just beginning to weld.

These recreational classes are $70.00 for 3 1/2 hours of instruction and hands-on practice. Attend a class to see what welding is all about – or you can use the class to brush up on your skills.  You can also take several classes to improve your skill level – each class building upon the other. All students progress at their own pace and learn the welding process of their choice. Classes are arranged by appointment – call 509-891-5914 for scheduling.

The course options include oxy-acetylene safety and cutting, arc welding, and wire feed welding. The oxy-acetylene safety and cutting class includes the proper set up and use of equipment.  The arc welding class includes hands-on practice with a variety of welding electrodes, and the wire feed class includes hands-on practice and covers the various types of wire and shielding gases.  You will also learn what to look for in a weld – including porosity, lack of fusion, cold lap and the causes of cracking.

There are so many things you can create or repair with welding.  Example projects include metal artistry, auto body, welding cart, fire pit, hand railing, go cart, barbecue, truck racks, and the list goes on.

Class sizes are limited in order to provide maximum welding time for each student. Sign up now! Reservations are required.